Touring Altoona’s Fairview Cemetery

Altoona from the Fairview Cemetery

I’d read that Altoona’s Fairview Cemetery offers beautiful views of the small city of Altoona. But the same reviews noted the cemetery was also very neglected. Both are true, at least as of my visit. I’d arrived early in Altoona for a trip with other travel writers to explore its historic sites and tourist attractions. […]

Explore the Historic Significance of Gettysburg National Cemetery

rows of identical white marble gravestones against green grass background

No visit to Gettysburg National Military Park is complete without also visiting the Gettysburg National Cemetery. The cemetery came into being in 1863, after the famous Battle of Gettysburg. Just as famously, President Abraham Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address here, at the cemetery’s dedication ceremony, just a few months after the battle. Attracting thousands of […]

Seeking Harriet Tubman in Fort Hill Cemetery

Fort Hill Cemetery -- Harriet Tubman's grave

We went to Fort Hill Cemetery to pay our respects — and get the closest we’ll ever get — to freedom fighter and American hero Harriet Tubman. We’d visited her home, which is under restoration and renovation, earlier that day. And the day before, we’d toured William Seward’s house, her friend and former U.S. Secretary […]