Seeking Harriet Tubman in Fort Hill Cemetery

Fort Hill Cemetery -- Harriet Tubman's grave

We went to Fort Hill Cemetery to pay our respects — and get the closest we’ll ever get — to freedom fighter and American hero Harriet Tubman. We’d visited her home, which is under restoration and renovation, earlier that day. And the day before, we’d toured William Seward’s house, her friend and former U.S. Secretary […]

Hiking on Hallowed Ground: Worthington Farm Trails in Monocacy National Battlefield Park

The Worthington House. The trail head to the Brooks Hill Loop is to the left of the house (as you face it). In a perhaps apocraphal conversation, three decades after the Battle of Monocacy, which had taken place on July 9, 1864, former Confederate Major General John Gordon was introduced to Union Major General Lew […]

Historic Jamestowne

A model of the Susan Constant. In 1607, the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery landed, carrying 104 men and boys. These first colonists constructed a fort to protect themselves from the nearby Virginia Indian tribes and from a potential attack from the Spanish settlements in Florida. The following year, young women were recruited from England to travel […]

Historic St Mary’s City: Visiting Maryland’s Colonial History

The fully working replica of The Dove sailing ship, one of the two original settlers ships that established the first Maryland colony. Historic St. Mary’s City (HSMC) is a National Historic Landmark and an important archaeological site marking the former colonial town that was Maryland’s first colonial settlement of the European invasion — and the fourth permanent English […]

Almost Too Much to Do in Moraine State Park!!

Beginning with this post, I’m starting a series about things to do and see in Butler County, PA. This is the first installment. To see others in this series (once they’re published), click on the label “Butler County” below this post. Looking to enjoy the fall foliage? Take a boat ride on the Nautical Nature! […]

Grave Creek Burial Mound: Last Remnant of an Ancient American Culture

Long before the European invasion, in what is considered to be the “Early Woodland” period, there was a remarkable, pre-Columbian Native American culture, which existed between 1000 to 200 BCE, referred to as the Adena. Although all those who are considered Adena shared cultural similarities — such as sharing a burial complex and ceremonial system […]

Two Great Hikes at Rocks State Park

Although spring is in the air, the early March day still promised cool temperatures. The leaves were not out yet, and a recent rain had left the ground a little muddy. Still, the temptation to go on a hike — to do something — ANYTHING — outside, was too much. A hiking we would go! […]