Gettysburg Mercantile Museum

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to shop in an 1800s general store? At the Gettysburg Mercantile Museum, you’ll experience it firsthand.

Upon entering, you can immerse yourself in authentic routines of the time. Fancy a trim? Get a haircut or a shave. You’ll also learn the code of barber poles.

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Curious about news from yesteryears? Listen intently as the store owner reads aloud from an 1860s newspaper. You can even engage in bartering and trading with the store clerk, echoing the way locals shopped over a century ago.

But that’s not all. Marvel at a vast collection of original historical artifacts, spanning a whole century. You’ll encounter unique items, rarely displayed even in antique shops, providing a tangible connection to the past. From the ingenious inventions of the 19th century to the humble game of checkers, there’s something to intrigue every visitor. From shoes to toys to canned goods and farm tools, you can see how items were presented and packaged. What a contrast from today’s stores!

Guided tours by a docent in period dress help you journey back in time, explaining the purpose of these mysterious-to-us artifacts. You really get the feel of living in the 1800s – whether it’s collecting your mail from the old post office, listening to captivating stories about the soldiers marching through Gettysburg in 1863, or simply understanding the day-to-day life of civilians and merchants during the late 1800s.

So, if you’re yearning for an authentic taste of life from the 1700s through the late 1800s, the Gettysburg Mercantile Museum awaits.

Know Before You Go

There is only on-street parking. Don’t forget to feed the meters.

Getting there: 252 Baltimore St, Gettysburg, PA
Hours: Hours vary by season. Please visit the website below to determine tour times.
Website: Gettysburg Mercantile Museum

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