Treat Yourself to Sweet Vibes with Wine and Chocolate at Boyer Cellars

Truffles and Tastings at Boyer Cellars, near Gettysburg PA

Really, all you need to say is wine. Adding chocolate just sweetens the deal. And that’s cool, because Boyer Cellars partners with a local chocolatier to offer wine or cider flight pairings with chocolate. With hearts on the napkins, on the table and on the candies, this is a Valentine’s Day treat meant for couples and besties!

We arrived a few minutes late for our appointed time — no worries for the always-flexible hosts. Within minutes of our arrival, our hosts offered us a table laden with flights of five sweet red and white wine and a corresponding flight of five tantalizing chocolates. Boyer Cellars really puts its heart into this wine – chocolate pairing!

Then, together with my bestie, we sampled each of the glasses of wine, alternating between small sips and small nibbles on the chocolate truffles. Zoe’s Chocolate Co, with store fronts in Waynesboro PA and Frederick MD, provides the chocolate.

Boyer Cellars partners with Jan Zell Winery to offer a variety of traditional red, white, and fruit wine and hard ciders. And it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day for you to try the flights of Jan Zell wines or ciders at Boyer Cellars.

The Wine and Chocolate

two friends clinking wine glasses filled with red wine at Boyer Cellars

The sweet wine flight included Autumn Nights, a sweet red made from cherry and Pinot Noir, which was paired with a smooth almond praline topped with a deliciously tart cherry pate de fruit. Next up was our favorite wine, Summer Days, a Chardonnay with cranberries that balance the sweeter apples. Summer Days paired delightfully with Zoe’s Apple Pie chocolate: apples and apple pie spices, caramel and roasted pecans surrounded by milk chocolate.

If you choose the sweet wine flight, you’ll also get to try a sweet (but not too sweet) moscato. This wine pairs well with “Persephone’s Pomegranate chocolate, a naturally sweet pomegranate blending with dark chocolate ganache. Then, the fruity Blackberry, with just a touch of Merlot, also was refreshing with the Cacoa Nib. This chocolate seemed to instantly melt on your tongue, it’s creamy soft dark chocolate ganache hinting of cognac and enveloped in smooth dark chocolate. Finally, we tasted the surprising Island Breeze. Why surprising? Who expects a tropical paradise of coconut and lime that instantly transports you to the Caribbean? A straight forward milk chocolate ganache grounds the exotic taste of the Island Breeze wine.

Valentine's Day themed chocolates that go with the wine tasting at Boyer Cellars

Throughout our wine tasting, we enjoyed live music in the rustic tasting room. With ample places to enjoy the wine or cider — from seating in the tasting room to a large wrap-around porch you can’t help but admire the lovely scenic views of the orchard and neighboring farms. In addition, we noticed a fire pit offered toasty warm seating outside, allowing a family a perfect spot to enjoy the lovely countryside.

Know Before You Go

Reservations and flight selection required in advance for truffle tastings; your reservation includes a cider or wine flight (dry or sweet,) paired with Zoe’s Chocolate Co. famous candies. The tasting room is adjacent to Boyer Nurseries’ garden shop. In warmer weather, the Boyer’s farm market is also available.

the tasting room at Boyer Cellars

Getting there: 405 Boyer Nursery Rd, Biglerville, PA
Hours: Check the website below for offerings of the wine and chocolate paring
Website: Boyer Cellars

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five Valentine's Day themed chocolates that go with the tasting, and a pretty pink nonparel

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