Painting Vineyards and Vistas

Wine. Lovely weather. Friends. Beautiful scenery. Painting.

Seriously, those are all the ingredients for an incredible afternoon. Paint.Local.Social aims to bring this experience to everyone, no artistic talent needed! Vineyards and Vistas is a Plein Air painting experience at a local winery in Adams County. It will include all supplies and instruction along with wine samples.

Andi Amin, the owner and creative genus behind Paint.Local.Social, aims to highlight the lovely scenery in and around Gettysburg and Adams County, PA, while helping her guests enjoy a relaxing afternoon at a nearby winery, Halbrendts Vineyard, a boutique vineyard featuring sustainably grown grapes.

We tried Vineyards and Vistas two weeks ago. Without any artistic talent or inclination, I was a little concerned about what we’d end up producing, but we start with a scene already lightly sketched out on canvas, and Andi stepped us through adding each layer onto the canvases.

Throughout, she discussed — in a light, overview kind of way — artistic techniques and types of brushes. With a relatively small group, there was time for discussions about different techniques, and we were given to experimentation. For example, she explained that objects that are closest to you tend to have the darkest shades, with mid-tones around the middle distance, and pale shades furthest away. Simple concept, easily executed on the canvas, especially when Andi would advise you which paints to start with.

During the painting, you’re creating your own world — there are no mistakes, and paint is forgiving, as well. You don’t like something you did? Give it a chance to dry, and go over it. It was really fun to watch the landscape develop along the way.

Even though my friend, Ali, and I started with virtually the same sketch and moved along following the same instructions, our natural style differences came into play, and in the end, our canvases were quite different.

I came out of the experience vowing to try my hand at some landscape painting — it was a lot of fun and incredibly satisfying, at the end, to walk away with a delightful little canvas to remember the experience by!

If you wish to have a light picnic lunch, that can be arranged as well! And if you’re not into the wine scene, then Paint.Local.Social also offers plein air experiences at other local orchards and farms.

Gettysburg and Adams County are dominated by their Civil War history, and for good reason. But as Paint.Local.Social demonstrates, there is much more to be experienced in the rolling foothills, orchards and wineries in the area!

The finished canvas. I was so proud!!

Know before you go: You can feel safe in wearing anything, including white jeans — Andi provides aprons, and frankly, it’s not as messy as I’d anticipated (despite wearing white jeans). Bring a hat, bug spray, and sun block — it is plein air painting after all!

Getting there: Locations vary. Please check the website for upcoming Vineyards and Vistas events.

Hours: Check the website to determine the next available Vineyard and Vistas event.

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