Orchards, Elk and Shire Horses: The SilverShire Farm Carriage Adventure

A backview of two black Shire draft horses harnessed to a carriage (not shown) with an apple orchard in the background

Experience a nostalgic journey at SilverShire Farm, nestled just north of Gettysburg, PA. There, you can indulge in a carriage ride amidst the scenic vistas of Adams County’s apple orchards. Renowned for producing the highest volume of apples in Pennsylvania, the county also boasts a rich variety of other fruits and vegetables.

Your carriage journey is powered by two majestic Shire draft horses, the largest of the horses. Along the route, witness diverse farm animals, including an Elk herd, while absorbing tales of the Civil War Battle, the orchards and the history of the Shire horse. Conclude your adventure by personally meeting and treating the equine team and other horses on the farm.

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About the Carriage Ride

Bill and Bobbie Kane warmly welcomed us to their farm. The horse-drawn carriage ride they offered was not only scenic but also deeply informative, with Bobbie enthusiastically answering every query. We were treated to mesmerizing views as we journeyed through orchards on the carriage, especially vibrant during apple blossom or harvest seasons.

After the ride, we got an intimate experience with their striking horses, taking pictures and even feeding them carrots and apples in their barn. The Kanes, former federal law enforcement officers now living their dream, imbued the experience with personal touches that made it feel like a chat among friends. Whether it was light-hearted conversations about horse poop for the kids or in-depth discussions about apple orchards and Civil War history for adults, they tailor their narratives to the audience, making the experience highly recommended.

About Their Black Shire Draft Horses

The Shire, a British draught horse breed, typically sports black, bay, or grey coats and stands tall in stature. Historically, these robust horses were key players in farm operations, canal barge towing, and road transport. They even had the iconic role of delivering beer by pulling brewer’s drays. The Shire’s roots can be traced back to the Middle Ages, possibly to the era of knights in shining armor, with its official establishment in the mid-eighteenth century.

However, with the mechanization boom in agriculture and transport during the 20th century, the demand for Shire horses dwindled. By the 1960s, their population shrank from over a million to just a few thousand. While the 1970s saw a revival in their numbers, the Rare Breeds Survival Trust still lists the Shire breed as “at risk.” Thus, Bill and Bobbie are proud of their three Shires and indeed, with good reason. These horses were beautiful!

Know Before You Go

Getting there: 210 Clear View Rd, Aspers, PA 
Hours: Check the website below for times and locations of Black Shire draft-horse-drawn carriage rides
Website: Silvershire Farm

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