Harvest Hues and Tasty Views at Hollabaugh Bros Farm

Hollabaugh Bros Farm, reads the sign on the bright red barn. In the foreground, a green lawn. The blue sky above. Apple trees to the right.

Rows upon rows of apple trees, laden with fruit in varying shades of red, green and gold. Adams County, PA, is all about its apples during harvest season. As the cooler weather sets in and foliage undergoes its autumn transformation, northern Adams County offers a picturesque destination for a day trip, both for its farm markets and for apple picking. Recently, we visited Hollabaugh Bros Farm, a cherished farmers market in Adams County.

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The Farm Market

Many regard the roadside market at Hollabaugh Bros Farm as a must-visit in Adams County. It’s not just their standout apples or the mouth-watering homemade baked goods that draw visitors but also the diverse range of fresh produce on offer.

The farm’s unique shop is a treasure trove, stocked with an eclectic mix of books, jewelry and children’s toys, all attended to by a consistently friendly and helpful staff. And for those with a sweet tooth, the ice cream bar promises indulgence, while local meat offerings cater to the carnivorous.

With a calendar punctuated by fruit-centric festivals, Hollabaugh Orchard encapsulates the essence of fresh shopping, flavored with a dash of local charm. If I were a local, it would undoubtedly be a weekly stop on my list.

Pick Your Own

Picking apples in an orchard is one of autumn’s most cherished rituals. As the air turns crisp and leaves begin their colorful descent, apple orchards come alive with eager visitors, baskets in hand, ready to harvest nature’s bounty.

As you walk between the trees, reaching out for the perfect apple is your goal. The weight of a freshly picked apple in hand, its smooth skin dotted with morning dew, connects us directly to the earth. Beyond the sheer joy of the activity, visiting an apple orchard provides a tactile understanding of where our food comes from. In fact, Hollabaugh Bros Farm Market also is a great way to introduce kids to agri-tourism by making it fun to pick apples and teaching them to how our food is grown. We went there specifically to pick some apples — which variety depends on when the fruit hits peak ripeness.

Owned and operated by the third generation of the Hollabaugh family, this 500-acre farm has exemplified agricultural excellence since 1955. Nestled on the slopes of Yellow Hill, the orchard achieved GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification and employs low-risk Advanced IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques. These practices ensure the production of the highest quality fruits and vegetables while minimizing environmental impact. An intriguing facet of the farm’s commitment to sustainable farming is their wildflower habitats, which are designed to be friendly to native pollinators. This initiative complements their practice of renting bees during the blooming season.

Know Before You Go

Getting there: 545 Carlisle Rd, Biglerville, PA 
Hours: Mondays – Saturdays, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Sundays noon – 5 p.m.
Website: Hollabaugh Bros Farm

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