Frederick County (VA) Photo Safari

Stonewall Jackson made Winchester his winter headquarters between November 1861 and March 1862. He was much beloved by the townspeople. Winchester’s historic homes and churches offergorgeous details such as this door knob. Historic Victorian homes such as this one fill the neighborhoods adjacent the oldest part of Winchester. Mount Hebron Cemetery holds four cemeteries, church […]

Mt Hebron Cemetery Holds 35 Thousand Stories

It’s a cliche, but still true, that you can discern much about a town by its cemetery; Mount Hebron Cemetery reveals Winchester’s secrets. Mount Hebron Cemetery, in Winchester, VA started modestly, in 1844, adjacent to two much older cemeteries: the German Reformed Church Cemetery, chartered more than a hundred years earlier, and the Lutheran Church […]

Stonewall Jackson Winchester Headquarters

Beginning with this post, I’m starting a series of posts about Frederick County and Winchester, VA. This is the first installment of this series. To see others in this series, click on the label “Winchester and Frederick County” below this post. Between November 1861 and March 1862, Confederate Major General Thomas J. Jackson — more famously […]

Accidental Tourist: How Playing a Game Brought Me to New Places

My husband and I recently discovered Ingress, a game we can play on our phones, either during a day trip or as the goal of a day trip. We first started it while biking along the C&O Canal. For those of you not familiar with Ingress, it’s an augmented reality massively multiplayer online role playing […]

Remembering Our Dead

The muffled drum’s sad roll has beat  The soldier’s last tattoo;  No more on life’s parade shall meet  The brave and daring few.  On Fame’s eternal camping-ground  Their silent tents are spread,  And Glory guards with solemn round  The bivouac of the dead. The Confederate graves at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA. In honor of Veterans […]