Release Your Inner Pirate Aboard Urban Pirates Cruise around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor!

There is so much to do in Baltimore for kids — from the serious (touring Fort McHenry) to the almost ridiculous (Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium) — and Urban Pirates fits in, more in the latter category, offering an hour of crazy fun for families. Think Pirates of the Caribbean rather than Blackbeard — […]

Discover Baltimore with the MidAtlantic DayTrip 24-in-24 Challenge

While so many travel articles recommend seeing a place like a native, I’ve always believed we should see a place like a tourist, filled with interest for the wonders that surround us. Baltimore can be a fun city that offers a lot to see and do for natives and tourists alike — there’s a lot […]

Why the Walters Art Museum Is Best Visited in Sneakers

On the Desert, Jean-Leon Gerome, before 1867 The Walters Art Museum — usually just referred to as “The Walters” — is a public art museum in Baltimore founded and opened in 1934. Its collections were gathered in the mid-1800s and include masterworks of ancient Egypt, Greek sculpture and Roman sarcophagi, medieval ivories, illuminated manuscripts, Renaissance […]

Learn about Baltmore’s Industrial Past at the Baltimore Museum of Industry

Baltimore was never a one-industry town. If you think of Pittsburgh, you naturally think of steel. If you think Detroit, cars. But Baltimore? Think straw hats and umbrellas. And boots, space capsules, and schooners. And Linotype machines. And cigars, seaplanes, and refined sugar. And radios and sail cloth and toilets…. the list goes on. Baltimore […]

The Simple Joy of a Christmas Train Garden

Trains and Christmas seem to go together. The first model trains appeared in 1891 and 13 years later, a group of English hobbyists began building little worlds to go along with these wonderful trains. Electric model trains appeared just before WWI, and the 1920s saw an explosion of these as toys for the wealthy. By […]

Something Fishy at the National Aquarium!

There’s something fishy at the National Aquarium in Baltimore! Over the years, the National Aquarium has changed its focus from entertainment to conservation. An emphasis on the importance of water, and the earth as a water system, is a core message throughout the exhibits. Water isn’t just a habitat for the animals displayed. It’s integral […]

Largest Collection of Matisse Paintings at the Baltimore Museum of Art

Interior with Dog, Henri Matisse, 1934, oil on canvas There’s a hidden gem in Baltimore that we either take for granted or tend to overlook: the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA). With more than 95,000 works of art, the BMA has a massive collection. Madonna Adoring the Child with Five Angels, Sandro Botticelli and Studio, […]

Nine-Eleven Memorials

There is America pre-9/11 and America post-9/11, and a world of difference in between. The targets of the 9/11 terrorist attacks were the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington DC and, most likely, the Capitol Building — symbols of America’s financial, military and political influence on the world. The magnitude […]

Baltimore’s Historic Ships: A Lightship, a Coast Guard Cutter and a Lighthouse

This article looks at the US Coast Guard Cutter Taney, the Lightship 116 Chesapeake, and the 7 Foot Knoll Lighthouse, all part of the Historic Ships of Baltimore maritime museum, which is located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. These ships serve as a reminder that the Inner Harbor for 200 years was — and still is — a […]

A Month of Summer Daytrips for Kids

It’s that time again — when school ends for the year and kids cheer and parents groan (just a little, because, you know, we really love our kids). If you’re looking for some great ideas for day trips with your little cherubs — the kind of daytrips that will keep their imaginations active and expand […]