Vroom, Vroom! Harley-Davidson Factory Tour

Even if you’re not into motorcycles, taking a factory tour of the Harley-Davidson Vehicle Operations Factory in York, PA is fascinating. If you’re into motorcycles, and especially if you’re into Harley-Davidsons, then even better. This is also a great tour for your teen-aged children. I’ve always enjoyed factory tours, which demystify the world around us. […]

William C Goodridge Freedom Center’s Festival of Trees

The William C. Goodridge Freedom Center and Museum explore the dichotomy of a man whose public success built a five-story commercial building right in the center of York, but whose most important legacy was built in the shadows. The Freedom Center is worth visiting to learn Goodridge’s story: born into enslavement in Baltimore in 1806, […]

Martin’s Potato Chips Factory Tour

Have you ever wondered how the food you eat — a potato chip, for example — goes from being a potato to a chip? You can find out on the Martin’s Snacks Factory Tour. For children and adults alike, factory tours demystifies the manufacturing process. During the tour, you get to see the start-to-finish process […]

York’s Art Scene

York’s art scene is as varied and diverse as its many artists, with a mix of private galleries, public displays, and outdoor murals and sculpture. If you’re considering a visit to York — and if you’re not, you should — then consider dipping your toes into the variety of York’s artistic offerings! These fun “retro-rustic” […]

From Boutiques to Antiques in York PA

There are a number of interesting boutiques, from Redeux Market, an antiques and collectibles store, to Memory Lane Sweets, a candy store specializing in nostalgic candies. Although not technically a boutique but continuing the theme of harking back to earlier, simpler times, is Timeline Arcade, which specializes in arcade games of the preceding decades. There […]

A Month of Summer Daytrips for Kids

It’s that time again — when school ends for the year and kids cheer and parents groan (just a little, because, you know, we really love our kids). If you’re looking for some great ideas for day trips with your little cherubs — the kind of daytrips that will keep their imaginations active and expand […]

Good Eats in York PA

Downtown York offers a number of interesting restaurants, from coffee shops to food markets to finer dining, with more restaurants opening. York will feed you well if you decide to explore the culinary side of York! Consider checking out some of the places below! I-ron-ic Art and Thrift Boutique and Coffee House This coffee shop […]