Larger than Life Sculpture Garden at Grounds for Sculpture

Seward Johnson, “Daydream” Grounds for Sculpture (GFS) is an outdoor art museum in Hamilton NJ, where you can walk around the beautifully landscaped grounds and experience the art from all angles.  During a visit to GFS, you can stroll among the more than 500 works, nearly 300 of which are exhibited on the grounds year […]

USS New Jersey – Exploring a WWII Battleship

Ever since spending a couple of years of my childhood in Panama, I’ve enjoyed touring battleships. Luckily, there are a few in the mid-Atlantic region, including one in Camden, NJ: the USS New Jersey. The USS New Jersey is an Iowa-class battleship, and was the second ship of the U.S Navy to be named after […]

Exploring the Food Scene of Two South Jersey Towns: Collingswood and Haddonfield

There’s something for everyone to love to eat in South Jersey, but Collingswood and Haddonfield in particular have a lot to offer the hungry foodie in search of a unique dining experience. Collingswood is well known for its selection of shops and restaurants, primarily along Haddon Avenue, and was ranked as the “#1 small-town food […]

Nine-Eleven Memorials

There is America pre-9/11 and America post-9/11, and a world of difference in between. The targets of the 9/11 terrorist attacks were the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington DC and, most likely, the Capitol Building — symbols of America’s financial, military and political influence on the world. The magnitude […]

Staying in Victorian Elegance at Haddonfield Inn

Located in one of the oldest towns in North America, the Haddonfield Inn was built as an elegant, Victorian home between 1868 and 1875 and was one of 80 new dwellings built in Haddonfield during this time. It is nestled in a neighborhood of elegant Victorian homes, like itself. As you explore all that the […]