Missing Soldiers Office: Clara Barton’s Mission in Washington DC

The Clara Barton Missing Soldier Office Museum all started with a ghostly tap on the shoulder in 1996. Clara Barton was an amazing woman, and the more I learn about her, the more impressed I am. She is most well known for founding the America Red Cross, but she devoted most of her adult life […]

A Home for Brave Ideas — Lincoln’s Summer Cottage

The tour of the Lincoln Summer Cottage is more than a house tour, although you do see the dining room, the parlor, the Lincoln’s bedroom, and such. It’s also a tour of the ideas and the space that allowed Lincoln to navigate the Civil War and lead our country through that devastating period for our […]

31 Days of the Best MidAtlantic Daytrips for Kids

Looking for kid-friendly adventures for the summer? Below is MidAtlanticDayTrips’ curated kid-friendly daytrip destinations for Summer 2019, pulling from places I’ve visited in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC! Although there are some “obvious” destinations — the National Zoo comes to mind — I’ve looked for lesser known daytrips, such as the living history […]

9 Great Hikes for Kids

The MidAtlantic states region offers numerous opportunities for hiking that will intrigue your kids without destroying their will to ever step into a forest again. The point of these daytrips is to have fun (actually, the point of ALL daytrips is to have fun!). Before you head out, though, a little preparation can go a […]

12 Days of Daytrips for Winter Break

The kids are home for winter break and are starting to get bored! What do you do? Here are some fun, inexpensive ideas for great memory-making daytrip destinations in the mid-Atlantic region. Inspire your kids over the winter break! Have you ever wondered how the food you eat — a potato chip, for example — goes […]

The Smithsonian Castle Serves as the Gateway to the Smithsonian Museums

The Smithsonian offers eleven museums and galleries on the National Mall and six other museums and the National Zoo in the Washington, DC area. The iconic — and original — Smithsonian building, known as the Castle, is a helpful information center — and therefore should be your first stop if you’re new to the Smithsonian […]

A Month of Summer Daytrips for Kids

It’s that time again — when school ends for the year and kids cheer and parents groan (just a little, because, you know, we really love our kids). If you’re looking for some great ideas for day trips with your little cherubs — the kind of daytrips that will keep their imaginations active and expand […]

Go Fly a Kite

Kites, patriotic monuments, the National Mall, and a festival — what more could I ask? Or anyone? Or any kid? “It’s been a family tradition to come to the kite festival since my son was a baby,” Angie Williams said. How old is her son now? Twelve years old. “It’s a favorite thing to do.” […]

Animals, Animals Everywhere at ZooLights!

There are few holiday light displays with elephants, cuddlefish, naked molerats, and orangutans, but ZooLights at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC is one of them! And unlike many (most?) other holiday lights displays, this one is completely free. I love holiday lights displays — that’s how I get into the holiday spirit, and […]