Go Kayaking on Dundee Creek at Marshy Point

Marshy Point Nature Park is a quiet little park in Middle River, MD. On a peninsula jutting out between the Saltpeter Creek and Dundee Creek, the park offers more than eight miles of hiking trails, a wildlife observation platform, a butterfly garden, a paddle trail and a canoe or kayak launch and pier.

Last year we explored the trails of Marshy Point; this year we decided to kayak around Dundee Creek.

We spent about two hours paddling around Dundee Creek, heading first over to Iron Point, then turning back and heading past the marina and along Gunpowder Falls State Park. We figured we paddled about 2 miles. The water got a bit choppy out in the open between the two shorelines, but when we figured that out, we began hugging the shore and the paddling was a little easier.

The Birds of Dundee Creek

Visible from the pier and launch point is the osprey platform. When we visited in June, the nest was full and the cries of the two osprey parents sounded frequently as we launched the kayaks. Please stay at least 100 feet away from the platform when the birds are present. It was beautiful to just float and watch the osprey. Like most of America’s larger birds, osprey once faced extinction because of the pesticide DDT, which was finally banned in 1972. Now ospreys are a frequent site throughout the Chesapeake Bay.

In addition to the osprey, Dundee Creek is home to great blue heron, eagles (we saw both adults and juveniles) as well as a variety of other birds.

Know Before You Go

The canoe/kayak launch is simply shoving in off the end of the pier. Still trying to master entering and exiting the kayak from a pier, this is an iffy prospect for me! Park in the parking lot in front of the visitor center; facing the visitor center/museum, the pier and canoe launch is to the right, behind the building(s).

Click for the Dundee Creek Paddle Trail.

Getting there: 7130 Marshy Point Rd, Baltimore, MD
Hours: The park is open dawn through dusk. The nature center has more limited hours. Please check the website below for specific times.
Website: Marshy Point Park

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