My Top 4 Dog Friendly Day Trips

Periodically (i.e., whenever the whim strikes me, I’ll post my top picks. This is another in the series My Top Picks posts. Links to the original posts will be embedded in the text. Let me know what you think of this new blog feature!

4. Tail Lights at Columbia, MD’s Symphony of Lights
A lot of Christmas lights displays offer a night when you can walk your dog around the grounds. I loved walking the Symphony of Lights with our dogs — so much fun, and a cool way to enjoy the lights at a slower pace. A plus: proceeds are usually donated to a good cause!

3. Harpers Ferry
Harpers Ferry, WV, is a little town almost forgotten by today’s modern pace. The National Park Service maintains most of the town closest to the Shenandoah River, so the town has retained its historical charm. Most of the stores and many of the restaurants will accommodate dogs, especially during warmer weather when the patios are open. It can’t get much better: history and my beagles!

2. Sugarloaf Mountain to hike, then to Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard
Sugarloaf Mountain Park offers several interesting hikes that lead to gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside. At the base, the Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard offers tastings at a reasonable price, and you can enjoy a bottle of wine and your picnic on the patio with your dog. So maybe yes, wine and my beagles is perhaps better than history and my beagles!

1. Westchester River Walk in Tarrytown, NY
Bordering the Hudson River north of New York City, the Tarrytown River Walk offers beautiful views of the river, glimpses of NYC in the distance, interesting bridge views, and even a lighthouse. With a steady breeze off the river, it’s makes a hot day seem cooler than it really is. It’s a popular path, but pretty and worth your time to walk it. From a dog’s perspective, it offers interesting sniffs, opportunities to socialize with other dogs, and an opportunity to tire oneself out. A tired dog is a happy dog!

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