My Top 4 Creepy Pix

Periodically (i.e., whenever the whim strikes me, I’ll post my top picks. This is the fourth of the My Top Picks posts. Links to the original posts will be embedded in the text. Let me know what you think of this new blog feature!

So this post is a small departure from my other Top Picks posts — this is more like a Top Pix. Whatever. It sounded way funnier in my head before I typed it out. Anyway, while I’ve been out an about these past three years of daytripping and blogging and photographing, I’ve taken — or someone with me on the day trip took — some creepy photos! Here are my top 4 creepy, eerie pix!

4. Weird orbs photographed on the Ellicott City Ghost Walk 

3. Orbs caught while in front of the Bryce House on the Annapolis Ghost Walk

2. Taken while on the Washington Walks Capital Haunts ghost tour

1. A weird mist photographed in the attic of Shriver House Museum: this is my number one pix because we weren’t expecting or looking for ghosts. It was only after we took this misty photo that I looked up “Shriver House haunted?” and discovered it’s listed fifth in the list of top ten most haunted places in Gettysburg.

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