Panther Rocks Exploration

Panther Rocks, located in the Moshannon State Forest adjacent to SB Elliott State Park, is overshadowed by Bilgers Rocks, also in Clearfield County, but are worth a quick visit for a fun afternoon in the woods.  If you’re into geocaching, then you’ll be pleased to note that there is at least one geocach on the […]

Geocaching Along Clearfield County’s Five Trails

Geocaching has seemed like something I’d like to do — I just didn’t know how to get started or what was involved.  Not familiar with it? Has the idea of treasure-hunting every appealed to you? Geocaching is similar, except that it’s real, unlike the myths of gold buried in them thar hills. In fact, gecaching […]

Oak Mountain Hideaway: North Star Cabin

Oak Mountain Hideaway offers a cozy place to stay, right in the heart of some of the most beautiful woods you’ll find in Pennsylvania. Instead of car alarms and lawn mowers, you’ll hear sounds of nature — birds, crickets, deer rustling through the trees, elk bugling in the distance, a coyote’s howl. This bed and […]

Dinosaurs, Rail Cars and More at Depot at Dolittles!

What place offers food (both fine dining and “diner style”), a pizzeria, a brewery where you can sample craft beers, miniature golf, animatronic dinosaurs, and trains, both real historic train cars and a variety of models? There’s only one place in the mid-Atlantic region that I know of that has all these things: Depot at […]

Add Hearing the Elk Bugle to Your Bucket List

Since I discovered it was a thing, it was on my bucket list: hearing the bull elk bugle during rutting season. I’d visited Clearfield County a couple times already and had seen a herd of elk cows and calves grazing in a meadow — and yes, that was an amazing thing, in and of itself. […]

Adventure Awaits in Clearfield County!

Gaining in popularity as a weekend getaway, Clearfield County has a lot to offer folks seeking lovely scenery and outdoor adventures such as hiking, biking and kayaking. There’s also an historic car museum, local wineries, and plenty of places to enjoy some tasty meals. There’s more to do than meets the eye in Clearfield County, […]

Take the 24 in 24 Clearfield Challenge: Can You Do Them All?

I’ve visited Clearfield County three times now, and I’m impressed by how much there is to see and do there! From dinosaurs to cars to Civil War history, cute b&bs, some fab food, a bloody cabin, and hiking, biking and kayaking! You’ll find plenty there to keep you busy! Take the “24 in 24 Challenge,” […]

All Aboard! the Depot at Doolittles

To paraphrase Paul Simon, there’s something about a train … that’s very romantic and nostalgic and hopeful. There’s a place in Clearfield County, PA not far off Rt 80, that offers all the romance and nostalgia anyone could desire! Five restaurants, one location, and each one of those restaurants in a very cool historic railroad […]