Hammond-Harwood House Through the Eyes of Those Enslaved There

As history tourists in America’s great mansions in the mid-Atlantic region, we often remark upon the intricate carvings around the fire-places and window and door moldings, the lovely grain of the mahogany wood of the sideboard, the fine fabrics used in the bed-curtains. I recently toured the Hammond-Harwood House, an “elegant townhouse” located on Maryland […]

Freedom Bound: Runaways of the Chesapeake

Update June 2019: The Freedom Bound exhibit — and in fact, the entire Historic Annapolis Museum — is currently closed. The Freedom Bound exhibit will re-open in the fall at the Reginald F Lewis Museum at 830 E Pratt St, Baltimore. The building at 99 Main Street, Annapolis is currently undergoing renovations and will reopen in […]

Explore Interesting Eats and Daring Feats at Maryland’s Ren Fest!

This year is the 40th annual Maryland Renaissance Festival, where for 9 weekends between August and October. My husband and I have been attending, at least every other year, for about 20 years — it’s crazy that it’s been that long! There’s nothing quite like a Renaissance festival, whether it’s in Maryland or Virginia or Pennsylvania. […]

Ghostly Orbs: Evidence of Hauntings During Annapolis Ghost Walk?

Looking for something low key and romantic to do, I talked Hubby into joining me for the Annapolis Ghost Walk. Annapolis is a frequent destination for us — just 30 minutes away from Columbia, MD. The historic capital of Maryland’s harbor draws us on many a hot summer’s night, as nothing is more fun or […]