Dog Bloopers from the Waterfowl Festival

In the spirit of Thanksgiving…

After spending an entire weekend exploring the Waterfowl Festival, I went home to write up the article and figure out which photos to include with the article. 

As I comb through photos, trying to decide which to pick, I look for quality of the photo itself, as well as whether it tells the story I’m looking for — folks having fun, children (but with their faces obscured), and so forth. Sometimes telling the story is more important than the quality of photo, sometimes I just want a good photo, and sometimes I’m incredibly lucky and I have both: a good quality photo that tells  the story.

I got a mix of both for last Tuesday’s article about the Waterfowl Festival, but I got something more as I snapped photo after photo with my phone camera of the Dog Diving Competition and the Retriever Demos, both popular events year after year at the festival. 

I got bloopers of the dogs — hysterical and fun photos as the dogs were about to hit the water or were shaking the water out of their coats or were thwarting their owners and absolutely, categorically refusing to jump in. 

No dogs were hurt. They all rebounded and were eager to go in again!

So in gratitude to all who read MidAtlanticDayTrips, I present the blooper photos. Enjoy! (And next November, go check out the Waterfowl Festival and take some bloopers of your own!)

May you have a lovely Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season!


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