Sunset at Trap Pond State Park

There’s a meme floating around that states “The two best reasons for owning a kayak is sunrise and sunset.”

Early morning and sunset are my favorite times to hit the water and Trap Pond, already one of the prettiest places for a paddle, is even lovelier when the shadows are long and the fading evening light dances across the water. 
Of course, photographs have long flocked to Trap Pond, where the northernmost stand of bald cypress remain, the last remnant of the freshwater wetlands that once covered vast portions of southern Delaware. (The bald cypress is a wetland tree adapted to areas of calm, shallow standing water.) 
We passed several, headed out as they were headed back in to the boat ramp, just as the last long rays of the sun were beginning to drape themselves over the bald cypress trees. 
It’s not often we get a chance to kayak in a forest, but kayaking on Trap Pond allows you to float among the trees. 
We saw red-bellied turtles, heron, bull frogs (both saw and heard them), and various other birds and critters.
Mostly we just paddled among the bald cypress, admiring them and enjoying being the only ones out on the pond. 
We caught the last rays of the sun peeking between the trees. 
In the remaining light, we sighed and headed for the boat ramp.
Trap Pond State Park offers camping, hiking, biking, and canoeing and kayaking while exploring the natural beauty of the wetland forest. Hiking trails surround the pond, providing opportunities to glimpse native animal species and many flowering plants.

Getting there: 33587 Baldcypress Lane, Laurel, DE 19956

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to sunset


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