Fredericksburg Murals

During a recent visit to the quaint city of Fredericksburg, VA, I noticed a number of murals. Since a visit to York PA and an exploration of that city’s murals, I’ve gained an appreciation for this art form, and now look for murals on all my travels!

The American Canoe Association painted a mural of the Rappahannock
River on the side of the building that serves as their headquarters.

These are the ones I was able to stop and grab photos of! Unfortunately, I don’t have descriptions of all of them. Where I was able to locate descriptions, I’ve included those in the captions.

I love this contrast of the historical scene to the left and contemporary
times on the right on the side of the Spencer Devlin Brewing Company.

This mural depicts Fredericksburg as if looking from Chatham
Manor. The mural resembles a postcard from the 1930s.
Painted by Mirinda Reynolds and Carol Coffman.

Mirinda Reynolds’ second downtown mural, “The Battle of Fredericksburg in 1862,”
depicts a pivotal moment in the Civil War: more than 17,000 soldiers died
in Fredericksburg, represented by the 17 leaves floating around the mural.

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