More Romance on the Rails

We first went on the Romance on the Rails two years ago, and enjoyed it so much we went on it again this year. Every year the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad offers this romantic excursion in February (throughout the year, other excursions are offered).

Bruce, the train conductor, welcomes each guest personally onto the excursion!

Romance on the Rails serves a lovely four-course dinner of shrimp appetizers; salad and bread; lasagna, honey-glazed salmon, filet mignon, Virginia baked ham, or crab cakes; and dessert. A complimentary bottle of wine is offered to every couple.

As the train ride begins, you are served the appetizer and salad. The train ride begins at the historic Western Maryland Railway Station in Cumberland, traveling west from downtown Cumberland, through a natural cut in the mountains, around a horseshoe curve, over bridges, and through a tunnel. Along the way, servers start bringing out your main entree (which you pre-order when you purchase the tickets). We rode past scenic ridges, valleys, and small towns, ascending 1,300 feet in elevation to Frostburg.

After 90 minutes or so, we pulled into Frostburg, for our layover. During the layover in Frostburg, you may gather in the Frostburg station to play a WMSR version of the Newlywed Game.

After a while, everyone boards the train again to enjoy dessert and coffee for the ride back down to Cumberland through the scenic mountains.

Getting there: 13 Canal Street, Cumberland, MD 21502, most easily reached via Interstate 68. Cumberland is centrally located from nearby metro areas, about 2 and a half hours from Baltimore, Washington and Pittsburgh.

Hours: Check the website for excursions and times.


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