Nine Places in Maryland You Don’t Want to Miss!

Summer is almost here, and that means, the peak of day trip season! If you’re getting ready for some day trips, then here are nine places in Maryland you don’t want to miss! 

Maryland offers astounding natural beauty, from its rivers to its mountains and forests, as well as history from its colonial past onward. Don’t check these places out unless you want to get to know this state a little better!

9. Baltimore’s Waterfront Promenade. At just over 5 miles long, this offers an enjoyable walk along the Inner Harbor from the Caton neighborhood to Harborplace — and you’ll be walking past quite a few fun things to do on a summer’s day, from the National Aquarium to the light ship and a light house, enjoy the best of Baltimore!

8. Annapolis Rocks Hike along the Appalachian Trail. One of the most popular hikes in Maryland offers a lovely walk in the woods along the ridgeline, with the payoff of one of Maryland’s most sweeping, lovely vistas of the Cumberland Valley. Although the initial ascent is strenuous, it’s soon over, and the rest of the hike is worth every bit of effort!

7. Mallows Bay to visit Maryland’s ghost fleet lurking under the waters of the Potomac River. With more than 200 ships deliberately sunk into Mallows Bay, the bay became a haven for wildlife, with the shipwrecks themselves offering delicate habitats, most easily viewed from a kayak.

6. Discover Maryland’s wartime history at Fort Washington, one of the most well-preserved forts in the state. Having stood sentinel through most of America’s history, the fort is a wonderful place to explore on a summer’s day, and offers sweeping vistas of the Potomac River as well.

5. Explore Chesapeake Bay history by taking a ride on a skip jack. Nothing says Maryland more than riding on a skip jack — not too long ago, we blogged about sailing on the Nathan of Dorchester skipjack. You can find skip jacks in a few places, including Cambridge and St Michaels.

4. Tour Hampton Mansion and learn about Maryland’s colonial history and one of its most powerful families! During a tour of Hampton Mansion, you’ll learn quite a bit about Maryland history. The original owners, the Ridgely’s, was a prominent family and they owned most of the Baltimore region.

3. Go see the ponies at Assateague Island The ponies and Assateague Island are almost synonymous with “Maryland.” If you haven’t seen them, then you should explore the island away from the crowded beach part!

2. Explore the C&O Canal Towpath How could I not include it? Excellent historical explanations at Williamsport, which is a great place to bring kids because of the ride on a canal boat, but for spectacular views of the Potomac River, check out Great Falls or Brunswick to Dargan Bend, which will take you past Locks 33 and 34, opposite Harpers Ferry where there are some of the best views of the mighty Potomac River.

But any segment will do — I particularly enjoy the scenery between the Catoctin Creek and Monacacy Aqueducts. Another fun day trip centered on the C&O Canal Towpath is Fort Frederick, and walking a little toward Hancock. Or there’s the creepy PawPaw Tunnel

1. Eat Smith Island Cake on Smith Island. Smith Island Cake is not only Maryland’s official state dessert, but it’s the best! Learn about Maryland’s waterman history and explore Smith Island. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy ferry rides on the Chesapeake Bay — all in all a good way to spend a day!

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