Wishlist of Adventure for 2015

I didn’t do too badly on my 2014 wishlist — of the 11 items I wanted to do, I did 8 1/2. Check out the entry from a year ago to read about what I wanted to do, and see what I actually did get to go see and do by following the new links I’ve inserted into the post. 

This year I’m setting 11 new resolutions to get myself out there doing fun things and exploring the mid-Atlantic region!

1. Although I’m scared of heights, I’ve long wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. So although it’s a big ticket item, I’m adding it to the top of my 2015 wishlist!

Photo courtesy of Tailwinds Over Frederick

2. Car camping at Dolly Sods National Wilderness. There’s a camp ground near Bear Rocks that provides modest facilities — it would be so cool to see the night sky from there! 
3. Go bike riding along Western Maryland Rail Trail. This past year I bought a bike, got on a bike for the first time in 20 years, and then rode it a good long way along the B&A Trail and the NCR Trail, among others. Then decided to lighten up and purchased a more flexible, lighter hybrid to replace the heavy but comfortable cruiser. This hybrid will definitely take me where I want to go!

4. Go further afield and bike along the C&O Canal further west of Shepherdstown, WV. I’ve already biked several stretches near Brunswick and just north/west of Harpers Ferry and further south near the Monocacy Aqueduct.

5.Visit Fort McHenry in Baltimore, followed by brunch in downtown Baltimore, and a visit to the Star Spangled Banner House. The two historic sites seem to naturally fall together. This was on last year’s wishlist — but despite good intentions, we never made it happen.

Photo by Solstice Photo

6. See the Illumination at Antietam Battlefield. Each year, on the first Saturday in December, volunteers light more than 22 thousand luminaries at Antietam National Battlefield in honor of each casualty of the battle that took place on 17 September 1862. The 22717 deaths that day at Antietam represent the largest single day loss of American (and they were, indeed, all Americans) lives. In fact, we’d meant to go this year, but the day had been a rainy, icky day so we found ourselves elsewhere.

7. Volunteer to help with the grape-harvest at a Maryland winery. Many of Maryland’s wineries seek volunteers to help out with the harvest. I am hoping “no experience necessary”! Despite the beautiful and romantic painting shown here, I’m guessing it’ll be hard, gritty work — but fun for all that. I sorta kinda volunteered at a winery this past year though — by volunteering to help at Red Heifer Winery’s booth at Wine in the Woods last April. Still, I’d like to help with a grape harvest, so I’ll try again in 2015!

Photo from http://www.coasttocoastam.com/
8. Go on one, or several, Gettysburg Ghost Tours. And since I’m up there, maybe bike in the battlefields as well. Plus, for Ingress players, there are multiple “missions” to complete and plenty of portals to hack!
9. Another repeat from the 2014 wishlist, take a segway tour around Washington DC. August a year ago my husband and I took a segway tour around the National Military Park in Gettysburg — and loved the experience. Since then, we’ve learned there are segway tours in many cities, Washington DC included. This sounds like a neat way to re-experience a city we’ve explored before. This is where the “half” comes in: we took a segway tour in Richmond.

10. Hike up to Maryland Heights, just across the Potomac River from Harpers Ferry. I’d better start training, since judging by my friend’s experience, it’s a grueling climb! It would be lovely when the leaves start popping out in color in early Autumn!

11. Another bike ride helps finish of this wishlist of adventure, this time along the New River Trail in southern Virginia. The highlight of the New River Trail, and namesake of this magnificent trail, is the 36-mile section running through Grayson, Carroll, Wythe and Pulaski counties along the New River. I want to bike that 36-mile section.

Happy New Year! I wish everyone safe and interesting travels!

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