Shenandoah Valley 24-in-24 Challenge

There is so much to see and do in the Shenandoah Valley! The valley is bounded to the east by the Blue Ridge Mountains, to the west by the eastern front of the Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians (excluding Massanutten Mountain), to the north by the Potomac River and to the south by the James River. Within its hills and hollows, American history was made, from pre-colonial times to the present.

During the Civil War, armies on both sides romped up and down its rich farmland. But today, quaint towns dot the countryside and rural farms line the Shenandoah and James rivers’ rich shores.

Travel down historic Rt 11 — formerly a well-traveled road for the Native Americans (before the European invasion) — and see all that the Shenandoah Valley offers.

Take the “24 in 24 Challenge,” below. 24 hours… can you do them all?*

  1. Discover why Rt 11 is considered the Valley’s Main Street in Lexington!
  2. Enjoy a tasty lunch at Natty B’s Cafe
  3. Kayak on Lake Laura
  4. Take a chair lift up the mountain at Bryce Resort
  5. Take an instagramable selfie at the Woodstock’s LOVE sign
  6. Get the recipe for Virginia Restaurant’s amazing ketchup at the Strasburg History Museum
  7. Discover Tipsy Squirrel at the Woodstock Brewhouse
  8. Discover more Civil War history at the Cedar Creek National Battlefield
  9. Learn who lost their shoes on the Field of Lost Shoes
  10. Don’t let the water buffalo get stuck in your car at the Virginia Safari Park
  11. Walk in the cadets’ footsteps on the Bushong Farm
  12. Follow the trail to the Shenandoah River overlook
  13. Uncover Victorians’ secrets at the Edenburg History Museum
  14. Find your treasure at the Antiques Emporium
  15. Take a scenic drive along Rt 11 and enjoy views of the valley
  16. Go down under in Grand Caverns!
  17. Locate all of Strasburg’s beautiful murals!
  18. Grab a coffee or lunch to go at Jackson Corner Cafe
  19. Enjoy lunch with a million dollar view at the end of the Storybook Trail
  20. Hold up the bridge at Natural Bridge!
  21. Take a tour at the Route 11 Potato Chip factory and enjoy the freshest potato chips ever
  22. Get a room with what a view at Iris Inn!
  23. Discover why the upper James River is so scenic! 
  24. Find the things you need at the Jon Henri General Store
* It took several days — and there’s so much more to do in the valley!
A beautiful sunset over Waynesboro

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