A Mural Surprise in Strasburg VA

More and more towns are creatively enlivening their outdoor spaces with murals — and what a wonderful trend! Strasburg VA, a sleepy but quaint town tucked into the Shenandoah Valley, about 75 miles west of Washington DC, offers eight lovely murals around town. Rich in beautiful views and history, Strasburg was founded in 1761 and was originally a German speaking farming town that became most well known for its ceramics industry. Now you can find antique stores, a few restaurants, and, of course, murals.

All of the murals are centered around Strasburg’s downtown, on Massanutten and King streets and were commissioned by Staufferstadt Arts, a non-profit organization formed in the fall of 2015.

Origins by Phillip Adams (2018) at 318 E. King St. Origins harkens to the beginnings of the
Appalachian Mountains, which is the oldest mountain range in the country.
The human elements placed in this context challenge us to consider our place within time.

Untitled by Lula Goce, (2019) on King Street. Goce is based in Barcelona, Spain.

The Fawn by David and Desiree Guinn (2017), at 192 W. King St. Bold arcs
reference the many bends of the Shenandoah River while gradients of vivid
color allude to the beauty, while a delicate fawn is depicted drinking
from the moving water, symbolizing new life and the bounty of nature.
Flourish by Gilf (2015), at 181 W. King St. The first installed in Strasburg, this mural was
designed and painted by Ann Lewis, known for her politically charged work on
public spaces. Can you see the word Flourish in this mural?

Fathers and Sons by NDA (2016), at 154 E. King St. This mural is a portrait of a
father and a son, Charles and Ralph. The father appears in black and white,
painted from a 1933 photo when he was a young man; above him is his son as an
elderly man in 2016. This mural was painted by artist, NDA, from Philadelphia.
Sonner’s Sonnet by Resoborg (2018), at 131 N. Massanutten St. According to Resoborg’s Facebook page,
the mural is an abstracted portrait of John Henry Sonner, a local potter in the 1800s. The unglazed
pot in his hands acts as a metaphor for the town and its unseen potential. It is also a celebration of
localism, the independent craftsman and celebrating the power of individuals to shape their own existence.

Poetry in Motion by Alice Mizrachi (2016) at 160 N. Massanutten St. 
Alice Mizrachi is a contemporary artist and art professor in NYC.

Shenandoah by Over Under (2017), at 238 E. King St. This and the baby with an

elderly couple mural in the photograph below are displayed 

side by side on the same building and were created by artist, Erik Burke.

Shenandoah by Over Under (2017), at 238 E. King St. This and the blue river
mural in the photograph above are displayed side by side
on the same building and were created by artist, Erik Burke.

Rooftop Boogaloo by Jessie and Katey (2018) at 183 E. King St. Strasburg’s seventh mural
draws from the colors and shapes of the surrounding landscapes of the Shenandoah Valley,
transforming them into a bold composition, reflecting the vibrancy of the community.

Interested in seeing these for yourself? Sign up for the upcoming Sip and Snack Mural Tour at https://www.strasburgva.com/econ-dev/page/sip-snack-mural-tour

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