York PA Is a Daytrip Destination!

Spring is a great time to visit York, to see the many blooming pear trees along Market Street.

York has always been a place to pass through or pass by, on my way to somewhere else, but not anymore! Recently, I spent a day exploring York, and came away excited about York as a day trip destination. From history to art galleries to boutiques and antiques and even good eats, we found a town offering lots to do for everyone — and many reasons to return.

Over the next months, I’ll be covering different aspects of York, PA more indepth, but here’s a taste of what’s to come:

Boutiques to Browse

At the Sunrise Soap Company, you can see how bombs are made — bath bombs, that is!
You can even learn how to make these bath fizzies.

There are a number of interesting boutiques, from Redeux Market, an curated antiques and collectibles store, to Memory Lane Sweets, a candy store specializing in nostalgic candies, and an interesting factory-store-boutique, the Sunrise Soap Company, where you can not only see how soaps are made, but make them yourself!

There are lots more to be found in York than these places, but these provide a good start to filling your day!

Public Art and Murals

There are some 40 murals scattered around downtown York (mostly on the Market Street corridor) but there are some cool “retro rustic” metal sculptures that spoke “steam punk” to me and fascinated my husband, who is totally into steam punk.

On our way to i-ron-ic coffee shop, we passed by a cool little park — Foundry Park on the Codorus — next to Codorus Creek, with metal flowers and a yellow cat.

York in the 1800s mural

There’s another yellow cat on North George Street too, as well as Tinker and a Curb Dragon rising out of the sidewalk. Crafted from components of equipment that defined York as an innovative and industrial manufacturing center, these pieces of art tell York’s story and speak to the city’s heritage.

Royal Square Art Scene

From the King’s Courtyard Artists’ Collective

Located in the Royal Square District, the Parliament Gallery is just one part of Downtown York’s creative arts community. Right next door is the King’s Courtyard Artists’ Collective, an eclectic art gallery and studio space and the Hive Artspace. Hidden nearby are an additional six murals.

Historic Sites

On the left is the Golden Plough Tavern, which operated in
Colonial Times; on the right was the 
home of General Horatio
Gates while the Second Continental 
Congress convened in
York, September 30, 1777 to June 27, 1778

The City of York was an integral part of the history of our nations’ founding. The York Country Colonial Courthouse seeks to interpret some of that past through hands-on experience and other exhibits featuring authentic documents and artifacts. There’s the reconstructed Colonial Courthouse, a log cabin, and the Golden Plough Tavern, a rare example of Germanic half-timber architecture. While you’re there, say hello to General Marquis de Lafayette, who stands in front of the Gates House as a reminder of his loyalty to General George Washington.

Don’t miss Colonial York Day 2018, coming up on Saturday, July 28, 2018!

Getting there: 205 W Market St, York, PA
Website: https://www.yorkhistorycenter.org/event/colonial-york-day-2018

Good Eats

The Revival Social Club offers a menu offering an extensive selection of globally
inspired delicacies with an emphasis on farm-to-table foods.

Downtown York offers a number of interesting restaurants, from coffee shops to food markets to finer dining, with more restaurants opening. A great place to start is Central Market. But look for interesting coffee houses such as i-ron-ic, a combination art boutique and coffee house, and fine restaurants such as the Handsome Cab and Revival Social Club.

The Handsome Cab offers a changing menu with an emphasis on seasonal foods.

Know before you go: There are three parking garages downtown. If you’d like to park in a garage and walk, the Philadelphia Street Garage is the most central option. A note: Parking Garages are free on Saturdays.

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