Just Ducky: Seeing Pittsburgh on Land and by River

If you want a serious tour of Pittsburgh, don’t go on the Just Ducky tours. But if you want to see a little of Pittsburgh by land and by river and have some fun laughing at some corny jokes and quack-quack-quacking at people you drive past, then this is the tour for you!

 I enjoyed it!

You get to ride in an authentic WWII amphibious vehicle, which is about as comfortable as it sounds. Odd clunking noises occur when the vehicle turns. You worry a little. The tour guides sound like they worry a little — our vehicle is 71 years old after all —  but soon you’re quack-quack-quacking at some pedestrian or driver and you forget about it.

The tour, which left a few minutes late, waddled over the Smithfield Bridge into downtown Pittsburgh, which on a Friday afternoon with a Pirates game and a jazz festival closing streets and bridges (between the two of them) was gridlocked. The drivers — both of whom seemed young (including the lengthy quibble about boy scout districts) — resorted to plan B, and then to plans C, D, and E.

We crossed over the Andy Warhol Bridge and drove past the stadiums, then turned left toward the Allegheny River and then down on the North Shore Trail, startling several pedestrians enjoying the trail. They then drove into the river. And that’s just cool.

Suddenly, we’re on a boat tour. Sure, I saw most of the landmarks I’d seen earlier that day on my bike exploration of the Three Rivers Heritage Trails, but it’s different from river level. We cruised to the confluence of the three rivers and eventually climbed out of the Monongahela River.

 While you’re in the water, they let passengers (volunteers) steer the boat. You worry a little for the kayakers, but they keep a hand on the steering wheel for most of it. No one seems to get injured.

Getting there: 125 W Station Square Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Hours: Check the website for tour times and availability.

Website: http://www.justduckytours.com/

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