1000 Islands Visited: Sunset Dinner Cruise on the St Lawrence River

I’m a sucker for beautiful sunsets, dinner is always a winner, and who doesn’t like a cruise on a lovely river? This “day trip” had all three — a Sunset Dinner Cruise on the St Lawrence River, touring the Thousand Islands. Lovely scenery and the food wasn’t half bad!

That morning we’d driven 8 hours from Ellicott City, MD, where we live, to Pulaski, NY. We’d arrived mid-afternoon, unloaded the car and moved into the cottage we’d rented for the week, then climbed back in to the car to drive another hour up to Alexandria Bay to go on the dinner cruise.

Despite groans from my entire family at the prospect of another hour in the car, they all ended up enjoying dinner and cruising on a river boat around the various islands, and it turned out to be a perfect way to introduce everyone to the region. The weather was gorgeous, the river beautiful, the company excellent. If you’re ever in the Thousand Islands area, we all recommend the sunset dinner cruise — even my youngest son, who was 10 at the time!

Rather than write more about the dinner cruise, I decided to make this a photographic essay instead.


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Hours: Dinner cruises usually are only offered on Fridays and Saturdays, but check the different tour companies.

Dogs: Not on the cruises.

Eats: Because this was a dinner cruise — plenty to eat right on board. On the other cruises offered by the same company, there was always a snack bar that offered the usual snacks (pretzels, tortilla chips, etc., and a variety of soft drinks.

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