Panther Rocks Exploration

Panther Rocks, located in the Moshannon State Forest adjacent to SB Elliott State Park, is overshadowed by Bilgers Rocks, also in Clearfield County, but are worth a quick visit for a fun afternoon in the woods.  If you’re into geocaching, then you’ll be pleased to note that there is at least one geocach on the […]

Sherando Cliffs and Lake Hike

The Sherando Cliffs and Lakeside Loop Hike is a short hike — less than 2 miles for the entire loop — with minimal elevation gain (300 feet or less) that offers some pretty views, a pleasant leg-stretch climbing up the side of a mountain, and some gorgeous vistas of Sherando Lake itself.  Sherando Lake Recreation […]

Hiking on Hallowed Ground: Worthington Farm Trails in Monocacy National Battlefield Park

The Worthington House. The trail head to the Brooks Hill Loop is to the left of the house (as you face it). In a perhaps apocraphal conversation, three decades after the Battle of Monocacy, which had taken place on July 9, 1864, former Confederate Major General John Gordon was introduced to Union Major General Lew […]

Geocaching Along Clearfield County’s Five Trails

Geocaching has seemed like something I’d like to do — I just didn’t know how to get started or what was involved.  Not familiar with it? Has the idea of treasure-hunting every appealed to you? Geocaching is similar, except that it’s real, unlike the myths of gold buried in them thar hills. In fact, gecaching […]

Kid-Friendly Baltimore: 11 Fun Things to Do!

Few cities have quite as many kid-friendly activities and destinations as Baltimore! If you’re looking for a kid-friendly daytrip destination, consider checking out Baltimore. Whether you’ve got toddlers or teenagers, you’ll find plenty to do by exploring the 11 options below! You may just find yourself spending several days exploring them all! 1. Explore Industrial […]

Winter Morning Hike at the Prettyboy Resevoir

CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) Trail is a 4-mile combination loop and out-and-back trail. Although it’s likely you’ll encounter other hikers, the trail isn’t crowded and most of the time you’re alone on the trai With an elevation gain of just over 300 feet, this is an easy trail and a fun way to spend a […]

Art Omi — Fields Sculpture Park

Bernar Venet, “Arcs in Disorder: 4 Arcs x 5, and 83.5 Degree Diagonal Line” An art museum and hiking? Great idea! You can enjoy both at Art Omi, an 120-acre sculpture and arts park in upstate New York.  Dan Colen, “Yellow M&M, Brown M&M, Red M&M, Orange M&M“ The scuptures frequently change, so what I enjoyed […]

HIking the Coot Peninsula in Liberty Reservoir

Coot Peninsula Loop is a 4.2 mile popular loop trail that is simply delightful. The trail brings you through some lovely woods and then onto a peninsula (as the trail name suggests) that has you walking within sight of water on both sides, until finally the peninsula widens, like a spoon, into the Liberty Reservoir. I […]