Ghost Hunting at Cockey’s Tavern

Westminster, an historic town in central Maryland, has a lot of history, many historical buildings and with that history and historic buildings, some say the town also has ghosts. Built around 1820, the building at 216 E Main Street, known as Cockey’s Tavern, provided a home for several families over the years, including the Cockeys) […]

Albany Rural Cemetery

The Albany Rural Cemetery is as much a park as it is a burial ground. There are a variety of species of trees, and the roads lead you through undulating hills.  Erastus Corning (1794-1872) – Founder and president of the New York Central Railroad, and is located on a large circular plot in Lot 2, Section 31. Erastus […]

Haunted Historic Waverly Mansion

The first ghost hunt for us in a while, we really looked forward to a visit to Waverly Mansion, in western Howard County, MD. Electronic voice phenomena (EVPs) are common. An inexplicable moving blue light has been seen indoors, a woman’s voice, and footsteps when no one has been there have been reported as part […]

Let the Autumn Colors Inspire You to Daytrip Too!

We would see amazing things if we could learn to be travelers in our own neighborhoods, Henry David Thoreau said. Fall is a great time to explore your own neighborhood and see it with new eyes. Grab a camera and take yourself out for a fun afternoon daytrip! One of my favorite things to do […]

Hiking the Serpentine Loop in Soldiers Delight NEA

 It seems the only times I think to go hiking in Soldiers Delight Natural Environmental Area, a part of the Patapsco Valley State Park, is in the winter. And winter is a great time to hike there — it’s sunny and bright and really beautiful in the colder months; just walking there will lift your […]

10 Spooky and Haunted Daytrips in the MidAtlantic

If you’re looking for the spookiest — and possibly most haunted — places to visit, here’s our pick of 10 of the scariest places to visit, even during the daytime!! Take a tour of the spooky MidAtlantic states — or if you dare to go see the ghosts and ghouls and more yourself, check out […]

Oak Mountain Hideaway: North Star Cabin

Oak Mountain Hideaway offers a cozy place to stay, right in the heart of some of the most beautiful woods you’ll find in Pennsylvania. Instead of car alarms and lawn mowers, you’ll hear sounds of nature — birds, crickets, deer rustling through the trees, elk bugling in the distance, a coyote’s howl. This bed and […]