Murder Mystery Aboard the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

It was a dinner and the “Late, Late, Late Show” while riding our favorite scenic railroad through the mountains of Western Maryland, filled with comedic improvisation and interactive murder mystery fun! The conductor welcomes us aboard. We were seated at our table in one of the two “heritage” dining cars for the evening’s journey. The performance […]

Biking in White Haven and Wicomico County

We were staying at the Whitehaven Hotel, a bed and breakfast inn in the sleepy village of Whitehaven, on the banks of the Wicomico River. The land is flat in and around Whitehaven, the roads surrounded by farm fields and marsh flats. In such a rural place, there’re few vehicles and the drivers all courteous, […]

Lynchburg’s Link to the Harlem Renaissance: The Anne Spencer House

There is a house on Pierce Street in Lynchburg. A two-story modified Queen Anne style shingle residence, it’s cute, but like most middle-class homes, not a home you’d look at more than once, if passing along the street. What makes this house so cool, and worth your second and third glance, is that Anne Bethel […]

Discover Baltimore with the MidAtlantic DayTrip 24-in-24 Challenge

While so many travel articles recommend seeing a place like a native, I’ve always believed we should see a place like a tourist, filled with interest for the wonders that surround us. Baltimore can be a fun city that offers a lot to see and do for natives and tourists alike — there’s a lot […]

Rooms and What a View! at the Iris Inn Bed and Breakfast

The Iris Inn, in Waynesboro,VA, is a low-key gem of a bed and breakfast inn offering travelers plenty of places to hang out and simply enjoy the views of the Blueridge Mountains — it’s a place to relax and unwind after a busy day of sight-seeing, or just because! The inn offers individual rooms in […]

Hiking and Bird Watching in the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge is a wildlife sanctuary expressly for migratory birds, located east of Milton, DE in southern Delaware. Translated from the Dutch words Priume Hoek, meaning Plum Point, Prime Hook was named by European settlers in the 1600s for the land’s abundance of purple beach plums. Established in 1963 on 10,000 acres along […]

A Home for Brave Ideas — Lincoln’s Summer Cottage

The tour of the Lincoln Summer Cottage is more than a house tour, although you do see the dining room, the parlor, the Lincoln’s bedroom, and such. It’s also a tour of the ideas and the space that allowed Lincoln to navigate the Civil War and lead our country through that devastating period for our […]

Hampton’s Hidden History: Examining the African American History of Hampton VA

As with many American cities (Annapolis, MD and Alexandria, VA come to mind), the history of African Americans and their community often remains hidden, unless you’re intent on trying to peel back the layers of dust and time. Hampton, VA in particular has a deep and rich history that deserves to be told. Hampton’s history […]