Strange Happenings at Miller House

There have been some strange happenings at Miller House, on West Washington Street, in Hagerstown, MD. The Miller House is now the home of the Washington County Historical Society, which was founded in 1911, the same year, actually, that the last family to live in Miller House — the Millers, appropriately enough — purchased the […]

Ghost Hunt: Anderson Mansion

Located in the historic Manchester District in downtown Pittsburgh, Anderson Manor is unique and packed with history. Built in 1830 by Colonel James Anderson, with additions to the house in 1905, this home was a part of the elite district during the Pittsburgh Steel Industry boom. A western Pennsylvania paranormal investigations and ghost hunt event […]

Almost Too Much to Do in Moraine State Park!!

Beginning with this post, I’m starting a series about things to do and see in Butler County, PA. This is the first installment. To see others in this series (once they’re published), click on the label “Butler County” below this post. Looking to enjoy the fall foliage? Take a boat ride on the Nautical Nature! […]

Ghost Hunt: Carrie Furnace

The Carrie Blast Furnaces, overlooking the Monongahela River in the industrial town of Swissvale, PA, remain an eerie reminder of Pittsburgh’s steel industry past, and the conditions the workers there went through. When an opportunity came up to participate in an “intimate ghost hunt” of the former steel mill, I lept at the chance.  Built […]

Mt Hebron Cemetery Holds 35 Thousand Stories

It’s a cliche, but still true, that you can discern much about a town by its cemetery; Mount Hebron Cemetery reveals Winchester’s secrets. Mount Hebron Cemetery, in Winchester, VA started modestly, in 1844, adjacent to two much older cemeteries: the German Reformed Church Cemetery, chartered more than a hundred years earlier, and the Lutheran Church […]

“Yaking” in the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

I’ve been to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) several times, always excited to see and enjoy the birds and wildlife. With the purchase of our new kayak earlier this summer comes the opportunity to explore it by kayak. We visited the refuge about 2 weeks ago, in mid-September. Blackwater NWR was established in 1933 as […]

Grave Creek Burial Mound: Last Remnant of an Ancient American Culture

Long before the European invasion, in what is considered to be the “Early Woodland” period, there was a remarkable, pre-Columbian Native American culture, which existed between 1000 to 200 BCE, referred to as the Adena. Although all those who are considered Adena shared cultural similarities — such as sharing a burial complex and ceremonial system […]