Winter Walk in Swallow Falls State Park

When the weather outside is frightful, A walk in the park can be delightful!  I was hoping for both snow and frozen water falls, but I was disappointed by balmy 40-degree days over the Christmas holidays. My family and I had rented a cabin, right on the shores of Deep Creek Lake. Plans included going […]

The Civil War Battle Nobody’s Heard Of

Almost everyone’s heard of the Battle of Gettysburg. But almost nobody has heard of the Battle of Monterey Pass, which took place immediately following the Battle of Gettysburg, as the Confederate troops retreated back into Maryland and across the Potomac into the relative safety of Virginia. The Battle of Monterey Pass was fought along a mountain […]

Six Great Romantic Dates for Valentine’s Day

It’s not to early to start planning that special date for your special someone! Romantic dinners are great, but truly impress your special someone with a creative idea to show how much you love to be with them! Although I believe any activity which you and your special someone are doing together could easily be […]

I Like Ike: Exploring the Eisenhower Farm in Gettysburg

“…above all else, a good leader needs integrity–a deeply ingrained honor, honesty and decency.”— Dwight D. Eisenhower, 17 October 1961 It was fitting that I traveled on I-70 to get to U.S. 15 to go to Gettysburg to visit the Eisenhower Farm, in Gettysburg, PA. Among Dwight D Eisenhower’s many accomplishments as our nation’s 34th president […]

Great Allegheny Gap: The Bridge-to-Bridge Ride

During the midst of winter, one of my favorite activities is to plan my spring bike rides! One of my favorites is the Bridge to Bridge Ride along the Great Allegheny Passage! A friend and I took advantage of great spring biking weather and rode a short segment of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP). This was […]

A Spirited Stay at Gettysburg’s Most Haunted Address

Gettysburg has witnessed more than its fair share of history, and subsequently, it appears that the small historic town has more than its fair share of the paranormal. I was extremely excited when a good friend of mine suggested we go on an organized ghost hunt at Farnsworth House Inn, in Gettysburg. Ghosts, an overnight […]

Starting 2017 with a Delightful First Day at Soldiers Delight

I love the idea of the First Day Hikes that have become popular over the past few years — what better way to start a new year than by getting out into our local parks and going for a hike? In October 2016, we adopted our third beagle, Charlie, from the Baltimore Humane Society. Getting to […]